Mark Levine | About

Since 2004, Mark Levine has set the pace for self-publishing on the electronic frontier. As CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he has helped create innovative ways for authors and small presses to publish, print, market and distribute their books and ebook competitively and effectively. Mark Levine is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where he studied journalism and political science.

While finding success as an executive at other companies throughout his career, including as CEO of Click Industries, Ltd. from 1999-2009, Levine has discovered an outlet with Hillcrest that allows him to embrace his passion for writing while harnessing his business and leadership abilities. In his years as CEO, the Minnesota company has expanded its online presence to include multiple web sites and has a patent pending related to its exclusive e-book conversion software.

As an author, Mark Levine has found success with the fiction work Saturn Return and the industry-defining The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, which is in its fourth edition. Both titles have received glowing reviews and remain sought-after items years after original publication. In addition, from his base in Minneapolis, he continues to write about his experiences in the self-publishing world, offering advice and guidance at


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